Welcome to mobiCARE

mobiCARE (mobile learning Communicative Application of Responsive English) is developed for healthcare professionals who would like to brush up on their English language communication skills.


Hello there! Welcome to mobiCARE. mobiCARE stands for Mobile Learning Module for Communicative Application of Responsive English.”

The purpose of this mobile learning module is to provide an alternative way of learning English language communication for use in the healthcare environment.

Who is it for?

The module has been developed for the use of healthcare professionals who are dealing with patients in the hospital setting. Healthcare professionals include nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, diagnostic imaging clinicians as well as doctors and other healthcare related professions.

The objective of this learning module is to prepare a suitable answer / solution to the problem scenario presented. You will first go through the problem scenario in order to find out what is the situation that requires you to search for a suitable answer.

How to start?

First, go to…

Problem Scenario – this is where the situation is presented for the learners. Read the situation carefully & in your team.

Plan – with your team, list the strategy that the team would like to explore in order to finalise the solution to the problem presented. Write your answers in the A3 Planner provided.

mobiCARE content – next, you may choose to explore the content in mobiCARE and go through the module to look for the best solution.

Resources – in the resources link you may find other solutions to your situation and may want to add in to your final solution.

When you have completed the module, please complete My Reflection with your own insights on what you have learned and what you would like to learn more about.

Finally before exiting the course, please complete the evaluation of the course by completing the My Evaluation questionnaire.


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Plan your solution

This is the next step in mobiCARE. In your teams, prepare a plan on how you want to solve the problem presented. Use this “A3 planner” to outline the solution you and your team would like to achieve. Remember to discuss this plan with the instructor before finalising the solution.

You can also download the form on the link below:


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Problem Scenario

Problem Scenario 1 (Unit 1 & Unit 2)

Problem Scenario 2 (Unit 3 & Unit 4)

Problem Scenario 3 (Unit 5 & Unit 6)

Problem Scenario 4 (Unit 7 & Unit 8)

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mobiCARE Module

Click HERE to go to the module.

If you are prompted for a login ID and password, please use the following:

Login ID: 960326016976


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My Reflection

After completing each unit, please write a short reflection on how you find your learning achievement in each unit. You can use the following question guides to help you write the reflections.

  1. What are the difficulties that you faced when you started the unit?
  2. How did you overcome those difficulties?
  3. Were there any guides or help available?
  4. What are the achievements you have made? How did you achieve them?
  5. What did you learn in this unit?

You can also write about your feelings or emotions while completing each unit.

Write your reflections in the comments box below.



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My Evaluation

After completing the entire mobiCARE module, please evaluate the module by answering a questionnaire HERE.

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